Hello There, I'm Jadon

Software Engineer located in the Salt Lake City Area. Aspiring game developer in my spare time.




An Android game built to test a user's speed and ability



Interactive music video created with react-three-fiber



  • Front-End

    I have been working with React for over 6 years. Along with years of experience in Apollo Client and Single Spa. Have recently been dabbling with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. In fact, this website is built with both.

  • Back-End

    Have worked on numerous enterprise, as well as personal projects in Node.js. Intimate knowledge of Express and GraphQL. Experience with databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

  • Languages

    Over 7 years experience in JavaScript, although TypeScript is my main love now. Have worked on commercial as well as personal projects in Python and Go. I also love building games in GDScript in my free time.

About Me

A picture of me and a monkey

Hello and welcome to my portfolio. I've been working in the industry for over 6 years now. Currently employed as a Software Engineer at Adobe, building complex web applications. I've always loved playing with new tech and building awesome things. Amateur game developer in my spare time. Recently fallen in love with the Godot engine. Outside of tech, I love hiking, biking, and basketball.